Literature Guides by bartleby
Cover-to-cover literary analysis. Your best source when studying classic and contemporary literature

Each literature guide covers the critical components of your text, including:

Literature Guides Background
We provide the essential details, including the title, author, and a brief overview.
Literature Guides Major Characters
Major Characters
Learn the integral characters of the text including their significance to plot and theme or historical context.
Literature Guides Chapter Summaries
Chapter Summaries
Investigate your text chapter by chapter with thorough summaries and analysis of crucial elements.
Literature Guides Themes & Main Ideas
Themes & Main Ideas
Illuminate your understanding of the text with an exploration of each story's themes or arguments.
Literature Guides Key Quotes
Key Quotes
Read the best quotations with analysis and character/speaker attribution provided.
Literature Guides Discussion Questions
Discussion Questions
Prepare for class discussions, exams, and essays with sample questions covering symbols, themes, structures, and more.