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Tailors and writers must mind the fashion.
Proverb 7718

English Proverbs and Proverbial Phrases
Collected from the Most Authentic Sources
Alphabetically Arranged and Annotated with Much Matter Not Previously Published
Compiled by William Carew Hazlitt
These 10,764 entries feature explanation of the sometimes hidden meanings of folk wisdom—from the ancient to the baudy—repeated unwittingly in contemporary speech.
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A bad bushtoA dull ass
A dumb mantoA guilty conscience
A hair of the dogtoA man, like
A man may betoA small spark
A smiling boytoAfter this leaf
Against God’s wrathtoAn atheist
An early wintertoAs cold as
As comely astoAs nimble as
As old astoAt length
At marriagestoBetter lost
Better mastertoCall not
CambridgeshiretoCreditors have
Credulity thinkstoDrumming is not
Drunk astoEverything new
Evil comestoFollow truth
Folly and learningtoGoats
God blesstoHappy men
Hard faretoHe has most
He has nonetoHe loathes
He looks astoHe that drinks
He that eatstoHe that loseth
He that lovestoHe wants
He warmstoHelp yourself
Hen pentoI love you
I may seetoIf the wise
If there betoIn hugger-mugger
In littletoIt is evil
It is fortoJustices
Ka metoLightly come
Like a barber’stoLost with
Love and a coughtoMemory
Men apttoNecessity is
Neck and croptoNo wonder
Noble housekeeperstoOnce warned
One and nonetoPigeons’ milk
Pigs flytoReason teaches
Rebuke withtoShe will stay
Shear sheeptoSpin not
Spit in his mouthtoThat grief
That horsetoThe deeper
The deviltoThe greatest wealth
The green new broomtoThe nurse’s tongue
The offspringtoThe wise men
The wit of youtoThey keep
They lovetoTis fortune
Tis GodtoTo gain
To get a cuptoTo miss
To-morrow-come-nevertoTo think
To throw pearlstoUsurers
Vain-glorytoWhat the heart
What tutortoWhen you ride
Where a mantoWild and stout
Wilful wastetoYou cast your net
You catch birdstoYou would spy
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