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Academic writing can be a daunting task. Whether you need to write an essay, research paper, or literature review, clear guidelines will make it easy. This type of writing requires you to use formal language while presenting ideas in a succinct and organized manner. Follow the steps below to get going!

  • Choose your area of interest: Use the search bar to identify a topic from our extensive database. Your topic should address a specific question and/or deep-dive into a familiar subject.
  • Rely on credible resources to thoroughly research your topic: Organize your content into distinct paragraphs, clearly indicating transitions in ideas. Support your arguments with necessary evidence.
  • Make sure your copy is error-free: Use our AI-powered writing tool to catch grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes. It also checks for plagiarism and generates citations.

Our essays can help you compose and structure your piece. We also have a vast reserve of literary texts and comprehensive book guides to get the words flowing for literature assignments. Analyzing prose, poetry, or drama is now a cinch.

So, explore Bartleby’s collection of learning resources and get a head start on your next assignment.

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