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Of all the parts of history, biography, which describes the lives of great men, seems the most entertaining and the most instructive and improving.
An Introductory Discourse
Rev. Alban
The Lives of the Fathers, Martyrs, and Other Principal Saints
Compiled from Original Monuments and Authentic Records
In Twelve Volumes
Rev. Alban Butler
While these 1,458 entries are composed from a distinctly 18th-century Catholic perspective, Alban’s syntheses of multitudinous histories result in an enlightenment of the ecclesiastical side of Western cultural development, with particular emphasis on the early Christian era.
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Alphabetic Index to All Saints
Chronologic Index with Major Feast Days
Volume Indexes by Feast Day
I. January
II. February
III. March
IV. April
V. May
VI. June
VII. July
VIII. August
IX. September
X. October
XI. November
XII. December
Featured Entries
Ambrose, Anselm, Antony, Athanasius, Augustine, Basil the Great, Benedict, Bernard, Bonaventure, Boniface, Charles Borromeo, Cyril, Cyprian, Dominic, Ephrem, Francis of Assisium, Francis of Sales, Francis Xavier, Gregory the Great, Gregory Nazianzen, Ignatius of Antioch, Ignatius of Loyola, Irenæus, James, Jerom, John Chrysostom, John the Evangelist, Justin, Leo the Great, Lewis, Martin, Mary Magdalen, Patrick, Paul, Perpetua, Peter, Teresa, Thomas of Aquino, Thomas Becket, Vincent of Paul

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