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Bartleby Brand Ambassador Program

Bartleby Brand Ambassador Program

Excited to join a fun and exciting team?

Gain real-world career building experience that sets you apart and shows your leadership, creativity, and initiative. Earn money, rewards, and free access to bartleby as you help your classmates stress less and learn more. As a bartleby Brand Ambassador, you’ll be part of a supportive community of students from different universities working together to help further bartleby’s mission of making homework help accessible for everyone.

As an ambassador, you’ll…
Work Independently

Work 3-5 hours per week at times that are convenient for you.

Build bartleby Awareness

Support the academic success of your classmates by building awareness of bartleby.

Host Events

Engage students on campus by planning on- and off-campus bartleby events.

Get Social

Create unique content for Instagram and TikTok to show off  bartleby’s features.

We encourage you to apply if you are…

18 years of age or older.
Enrolled as a full-time undergrad student at a US college.
A social media rockstar who’s comfortable with promoting branded content.
Excited about hosting on- and off-campus branded events.
Well-connected on campus.
Careers benefits Careers benefits Careers benefits
What you’ll get…
Competitive Pay

$15/hour with a flexible work schedule of 3-5 hours per week.

Bonuses and Incentives

Bonuses, swag, and rewards for high achievements.

Homework Help

Free bartleby subscriptions to help you with your own studies.

Real-World Experience

Gain marketing and networking experience that future employers desire!

Don’t just take our word for it!
Hear more from our Ambassadors:
  • experts testimonial

    “My time working with the bartleby team has been such a fulfilling experience. I am extremely grateful to have worked alongside so many talented and hardworking Brand Ambassadors. Bartleby has provided me with many opportunities to grow both as a student and an ambassador.”

    Nathan from LSU

  • experts testimonial

    “Whether you're just exploring the world of marketing or looking to make a career out of it, the bartleby Brand Ambassador program is the perfect place to be! Each semester, I learn so many new things about content creation, social media strategy, branding, and outreach, that classes just don't teach.”

    Hannah from UC Berkeley

  • experts testimonial

    “Being a bartleby Brand Ambassador truthfully gave me the skill set to independently work on helping a brand grow while being on a team. Everyone was committed to helping each other grow with what we personally learned.”

    Joanna from Kent State

  • experts testimonial

    “Being a bartleby Brand Ambassador has helped me develop essential marketing skills and has made me more involved in campus life. There are opportunities to really stand out and I cannot recommend being a Brand Ambassador enough.”

    Eli from UT Dallas

  • experts testimonial

    “Working for bartleby has been so great! There are so many opportunities to make connections and grow your skills in marketing both through social media and on campus. This is a great opportunity to learn a lot and have a little part-time fun throughout the semester.”

    Sarah from UNCG

About Us

Bartleby is a student success hub developed by Barnes & Noble Education, Inc. as part of its ongoing mission to serve all who work to elevate their lives through education.

Bartleby’s products and services are designed to improve student success and outcomes, offering pathways for learning that fit the schedules and demands of today’s student. Current offerings on the bartleby platform include bartleby learn, bartleby write, and bartleby research. Our learning tools provide 24/7 access to tutors, Q&A, and millions of step-by-step textbook solutions to homework problems in over 30 subjects.